Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Many companies find that the best way to�get ahead�is to�expand ownership through mergers and acquisitions. At least in theory, mergers create synergies and economies of scale, expanding operations and cutting costs.

A merger can happen when two companies decide to combine into one or when one company buys another. An acquisition always involves the purchase of one company by another.

The functions allow for the enhanced cost efficiency of a new entity made from two smaller ones - synergy is the logic behind mergers and acquisitions.

An M&A deal can be executed by means of a cash transaction, an all script transaction or a combination of both.

An M&A can provide companies with opportunities to raise additional equity funds , unlock hidden shareholder value and sharpen management focus.

Mergers can fail for many reasons including a lack of management foresight, the inability to overcome practical challenges and loss of revenue momentum through a neglect of day-to-day operations By contrast, de-merged companies often enjoy improved operating performance thanks to redesigned management incentives. Additional capital can fund growth organically or through acquisition. Meanwhile, investors benefit from the improved information flow from de-merged companies.

M&A comes in all shapes and sizes, and investors need to consider the complex issues involved in M&A. The most beneficial form of equity structure involves a complete analysis of the costs and benefits associated with the deals.

Mergers, acquisitions and divestments are a core element of Integral Capital Group�s business. We have an extensive history of initiating, sourcing and negotiating such transactions and bringing them to successful conclusions.

We are also regularly responsible for organising strategic alliances and joint venture partners for companies seeking growth and expansion opportunities.

Expansion by acquisition, merging operations with suitable partners, divesting subsidiaries or selling entities in order to realise a return on equity investment all constitute key components of our mergers and acquisition business.


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