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Company Name Industry Transaction Type Offer Status Offer Price Capital Sought Anticipated IPO Date Description More Info
String Transport Systems Innovative transport technology Equity Open $0.12 $500,000 2011-12 Low cost rail technology aimed at resource industry in Australia Learn More
Rainbow Rewards Marketing cards rewards program in the USA Equity or Convertible Note Open $1 $15,000,000 2011 Australian loyalty and database marketing company operating in the USA Learn More
Azurn International (ASX: AZU ) Information and communication technologies Convertible Note Open $25,000 per note $1,000,000 Suspended ASX company to relist in 2011 A global business services company that combines unique information and communication technologies with specialist online publishing services Learn More
Microflow Holdings Pty Ltd Innovative valve technology Equity Open $0.20 $1,500,000 TBD Microflow has developed and patented a revolutionary valve technology which allows for a new generation of valves with greater reliability over multiple product applications Learn More