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Article Part 12: How to write an Information Memorandum or Business Plan - 'Longer Term Objectives'

By Len McDowall, Integral Capital Group


This is a continuing series of articles on how to write a Business Plan or Information Memorandum to raise capital, Part 12 discusses the business plan content specifically 'Longer Term Objectives'.

Longer Term Objectives

It is useful to state the aims and aspirations of the company and its management beyond the period covered in the Business Plan.  This section gives an insight into the type of business that is anticipated and is important for attracting compatible investors who have a similar return criteria.


This is the final article in the Series of 12 on 'How to write an Information Memorandum or Business Plan to raise capital' by Len McDowall.  If you would like more information or free articles on raising venture capital and investing see our website .

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About Len McDowall - Managing Director, Integral Capital Group Pty Ltd

Len McDowall was previously inaugural Chairman and Managing Partner of Bird Cameron Chartered Accountants (now known as RMS Bird Cameron) which employed 1000 people in 50 offices in Australia and Hong Kong.  Len McDowall has extensive experience in all facets of financial management with a particular emphasis on structuring and negotiating joint ventures and capital raisings.  Len and his partners established the Integral Capital Group in 1990 which specialises in mergers and acquisitions, public floatation's and capital raisings.