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Pre-IPO capital is capital raised prior to an IPO.  An IPO or initial public offerine refers to the time when a company is about to list on the stock exchange and have issued a prospectus to attract investor funds.  With an IPO offerering there is a defined time period in which potential investors have to respond usually within 3 weeks.


With a Pre-IPO, capital is raised anywhere from 3 months to 18 months prior to a company listing on the ASX.  This is usually undertaken without a prospectus or stockbroker representing the company or underwriting the float. 


When raising capital at a Pre-IPO level, there is no guarantee that a company will actually make it to the IPO to list on the ASX, nor what the share price will be or even which broker will represent the company.  Thus there is a higher risk investing in a Pre-IPO, however to reflect this risk a considerable discount is offered to investors to the anticipated IPO price of the shares.  The risks of Pre-IPO investing can be higher yet so can the potential returns on investment.


Pre-IPO opportunities are often marketed to wholesale investors, high net worth individuals, professional investors and investment funds.  For more information on Pre-IPO opportunities or for assistance with preparing your company for a Pre-IPO or IPO plans contact Len McDowall or Reuben Buchanan of the Integral Capital Group on (02) 8249 4512 or email today!