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Wholesale Investing

With the increase in personal wealth in Australia many individuals who are classified as 'wholesale investors' don't even know it.  Wholesale investing is for those individuals who meet at least one of the following criteria:- 

  • Has net assets of more than A$2.5m and supplies an Accountants Certificate verifying this.
  • Has an income of at least A$250k over the last 2 years and supplies an Accountants Certificate verifying this.
  • Is investing $500k or more into the opportunity.

The advantages of wholesale investing mean that a wholesale investor can in the eyes of the Corporations Act invest in pretty much anything.  Also there are a number of investment products only available for wholesale investing or wholesale investors.


With wholesale investing, investors are exempt from the 20/12 rule.  The 20/12 rule limits the number of retail investors who can invest into a particular opportunity to 20 within a 12 month period.  Wholesale investing is preferred by certain promotors of opportunities as there is no limit to the number of wholesale investors who can invest.


Wholesale investing usually also translates to investors capable of investing larger amounts of money, thus wholesale investors are more attractive to promotors. Some of the opportunities available to wholesale investors are:-

  • Pre-IPO offers
  • Private placements into public companies
  • Private Equity funds

For more information on wholesale investing opportunities please see the experts at Integral Capital Group.  Len McDowall or Reuben Buchanan of Integral Capital Group can be contacted on (02) 8249 4512 or email today!