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Capital Markets and Advisory Services

Integral Capital Group services medium sized companies, providing a unique mix of advisory services and long-term support.

Fundraising is a key part of our business, and we provide assistance and advice on establishing a sound business base to facilitate fundraising and long-term support services. We can assist your business in the following areas:

  Defining clear corporate strategy
  Provision of working capital and debt raising
  Compliance listings
  Initial public offerings
  Back door listings
  Mergers, acquisitions and divestments
  Restructuring and liquidity
  Management buy-outs and buy-ins
  International transactions

Integral Capital Group is able to provide a complete suite of advisory services for smaller to medium sized companies seeking to raise capital through an Australian stock market listing. These include the management of ASX compliance, corporate structuring to ensure maximum listing value, financing support, broker negotiation and implementation as well as ongoing advisory support.

Additionally if a back door listing is required we can source and assist in negotiation with a suitable listed shell company for the transaction.

Working Capital Solutions Pty Limited (WCS)
(A subsidiary of Integral Capital Group)
WCS is a boutique financial intermediary with specialist skills and capabilities in the working capital funding space in Australia. We bring innovation to accessing world standard financial solutions that result in bespoke, structured facilities for each individual client
It is imperative that companies utilise financing techniques that reduce corporate risk and financial costs but enhance every prospect for maximising profitability.
The combination of increased competition in financial pricing and new product development has resulted in increased sophistication in corporate funding and positive outcomes for informed and proactive financial managers.
The WCS product range provides clients the opportunity to exploit superior servicing, pricing and specialist outcomes from leading Australian and international banks for Supply Chain Financing, Inventory Funding, Receivables Finance, and Corporate Debt.
Emerging Businesses
Integral Capital Group is aware of providing ongoing support to its emerging business clients. Emerging corporates generally require a level of service not usually obtainable through larger, retail based investment banks.
Our ongoing support in the form of research, financial and advisory services, demonstrates our continued commitment to our clients.
As a partner in your business operations, we can develop and implement appropriate cost effective and successful strategies.
Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments
Mergers, acquisitions and divestments are a core element of Integral Capital Group’s business. We have an extensive history of initiating, sourcing and negotiating such transactions and bringing them to successful conclusions.
We are also regularly responsible for organising strategic alliances and joint venture partners for companies seeking growth and expansion opportunities.
Expansion by acquisition, merging operations with suitable partners, divesting subsidiaries or selling entities in order to realise a return on equity investment all constitute key components of our mergers and acquisition business.
Capital and Debt Raising

Integral Capital Group maintains close operations relationships with an extensive number of participants in the investment and finance industry.

Our ability to source funds is derived from a wide range of sources. Our network includes:

  Retail Investor Databases
  Wholesale Investors
  High net worth individuals
  Venture Capital Funds
  Private Equity Funds
  Traditional and Non-traditional Lenders
  Specialist Financiers
  Investment Banks
Because of our many years in the investment banking industry, we are able to tap our large network of providers of finance and capital enabling us to successfully identify the appropriate investor or financier for any particular project.
Management Buy-outs and Buy-ins
In the purchase of a business by its management (Management Buy-out and Buy-in), we can structure the transaction, arrange the financing from financial or strategic investors and assist in the negotiation process.
Asset Securitisation
Integral is able to provide Australian and overseas corporates , a securitization facility , based on their trade receivables.
The potential benefits include:
  Acquisition funding
  Reduction in the need to raise capital
  Ability to reduce or hold gearing/borrowings
  Further working capital
  Ability to have an approved limit established with option to draw only the amount needed…there are no unused limit charges
The facility is available for funding from $7m upwards –with very high limits.
International Transactions
We have participated in numerous international transactions and are experienced in facilitating cross-border transactions involving:
  Financing, mergers and acquisitions
  Initial and secondary public listings
  Business and financial advisory services
  Private placement of equity and debt
  Strategic partnerships and distribution alliances
Commercial Financing

Integral Capital Group has entered into numerous mandate agreements to secure finance for a diverse range of commercial projects. These projects have typically ranged from $1 million to $100 million.

Our management team has the banking and commercial experience necessary to understand the technical and structural aspects of your commercial financing requirements.

This means we can effectively promote your needs to the most appropriate underwriters.

Significant time and energy has been expended in developing relationships with major Banks. We know the right people to talk to – a key reason why we are successful.

Commercial Projects completed include:

  Several individual land purchases in excess of $5 million for development of strata titled investment properties, with subsequent construction loans each in excess of $30 million
  $100 million refinance for a major Australian automotive importer and distributor
  $9 million syndicated facility to construct a retirement village on the NSW South Coast
  $3.5 million construction and leasing refinancing facility for a major sporting association
  This is not a comprehensive list, but illustrative of the diversity of transactions with which we have been successfully involved.
Stand By Equity Facility
The Standby Equity Facility is a recently developed financing mechanism for publicly listed companies. Under this Facility, the company may raise capital by issuing new shares to the Standby Equity Investor for cash. Standby Equity is a flexible and cost-effective alternative to a traditional equity private placement or secondary offering. It provides the Company with the right, but not the obligation, to issue shares and raise capital at a time of your choosing.
Under the Facility, your Company will receive a firm commitment by the Standby Equity provider to purchase new Company shares up to an agreed maximum value. The facility would normally be available for up to 3 years and renewable thereafter. The program is entirely controlled by the Company.
In contrast to a traditional public offering, private placement or rights issue, the Standby Equity Facility provides the Company with the flexibility of raising capital in amounts and at times of its choosing. Prices are determined by the recent ASX trading prices. Compared to a debt or convertible structures, price and conversion terms are controlled by the market, not the investor